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Fight for your dreams and destiny even during the challenge of a medical illness

I grew up in Goldsboro, NC, and you had to make something out of nothing. The biggest event was the New Kids on the Block appearing at the local mall when I was in high school. Goldsboro is located in Wayne County, and Wayne County is instilled in my background. I am a fighter, and I had to fight to survive. I have employees who are depending on me today to come through. The Wayne County fight is becoming the dominant factor over the cancer that is eating at my life. My personal finance site will help millions of people. I will make it work. I will not let cancer defeat me... My employees should know that we are moving forward, and we will overcome this bump in the road. Takecontrolofmoney will be a household name in one year.     Related articles Wayne County Brothers Charged With Manufacturing Meth (witn.com) Authorities Name Suspect In Goldsboro Murder (witn.com) Missing Fisherman in Wayne County (wnep.com) Of sound mind and memory. (ncfpc.net) Mullin awarded $712K in pay, fees (wxyz.com) 2 Men Charged In Wayne County Home, Business, Car Break-Ins Spree (witn.com)   … [Read more...]

After Manufacturing- North Carolina is the top ranked state in manufacturing job losses

Related articles Eastern North Carolina is ground zero in state's economic crisis(article 2) (donny-wise.com) NC Legislatures: Voters clash over Amendment One, NC economic news gets worse (donny-wise.com) Top Ten Highlights of Cleantech in South Carolina (cleantechies.com) Baxter to announce manufacturing plant, create 1,000+ jobs (bizjournals.com) … [Read more...]

North Carolina was Obama’s blue state in 2008

The News and Observer out of Raleigh, NC did feature a story in the focus of the Republican candidates and President Obama organization in the Tarheel State. Rick Santorum did bow out of the race, and the only candidate is Newt Gingrich in the Republican field of candidates. However, the change of fate does favor Mitt Romney in lieu of Rick Santorum being out of the race. However, the organizational genius is President Obama as the 13th campaign office was opened this week. In North Carolina politics, the unpredictable is the normal in North Carolina politics. The state did vote for President Obama in 2008, but voted the most conservative General Assembly two years later since the mid 1800's. North Carolina is peculiar state in its politics. Democrat or Republican should not take for granted the voting public and  sentiment in this state. Mitt Romney has the clear shot to the Republican Nomination for President, but he is far behind the Obama organizational structure in North Carolina. The election of 2012 will place the state among Ohio and Pennsylvania as pinnacle to victory. The next few months will reveal the importance of North    Carolina to Mitt Romney. A conservative General Assembly does not guarantee any candidate a pass in North Carolina politics. Related articles The spectacle of Fox News leadership in CEO Roger Ailes (donny-wise.com) Roger Ailes CEO Fox News Spectacle for Conservative Journalism(article excerpt) (donny-wise.com) Obama starts re-election campaign in traditionally GOP territory (mercurynews.com) Obama defends typically GOP states in race to 270 (hosted.ap.org) Obama defending Mid-Atlantic, Southwest in 2012 race (ctv.ca) Gingrich hopes NC is spring board to open convention | WWAY NewsChannel 3 | Wilmington NC News (donny-wise.com) Analysis: Obama leads in projected electoral vote totals (politico.com) GOP Presidential Hopeful Gingrich Continues Campaign (washington.cbslocal.com) … [Read more...]

CBSNews.com: Romney carries 5 states, Santorum 3

CBS News projects that Mitt Romney will win Ohio's key primary contest Tuesday, after a neck-and-neck race with rival Rick Santorum to eke out a victory in the pivotal battleground state. With 96 percent reporting in Ohio, Romney has 38 percent support to Santorum's 37 percent. Newt Gingrich is in third place with 15 percent and Ron Paul follows with 9 percent. Mitt Romney has also won primaries in Virginia, Massachusetts and Vermont, as well as the Idaho caucuses. Rick Santorum won primaries in Tennessee and Oklahoma, and in the North Dakota caucuses. In Georgia, Gingrich clinched his first primary victory since South Carolina's January 21 primary contest. Ron Paul did not win any contests on Tuesday, but he did finish second in four states: Vermont, Idaho, North Dakota and Virginia. There are also caucuses in Alaska. Results are expected later this evening. With voters in ten states selecting their choice to be the Republican presidential nominee and 419 delegates up for grabs, Super Tuesday could be a make-or-break night for the remaining Republican presidential candidates. CBS News estimates show Romney with a total of 299 delegates, Santorum with 99 delegates, Gingrich with 74 delegates and Paul with 24 delegates. URL: http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-503544_162-57392055-503544/romney-takes-5-super-tuesday-states-santorum-nets-3/   Romney and Santorum: Ohio is to close to call (donny-wise.com) Santorum: We're winning across nation (cbsnews.com) Romney to win Ohio, CBS News projects (cbsnews.com) Candidates split Super Tuesday states - CBS News (cbsnews.com) Super Tuesday (thesexypolitico.wordpress.com) Related articles Candidates split Super Tuesday states - CBS News (cbsnews.com) Super Tuesday (thesexypolitico.wordpress.com) … [Read more...]

Marketwatch: Romney will edge out Santorum to win Ohio

We have some direction on the eventual endgame of the primary process. Or do We?' … [Read more...]

Romney and Santorum: Ohio is to close to call

Candidates notch wins as Ohio 'too close to call' Win Mcnamee / Getty Images Supporters of Republican presidential candidate, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney celebrate during a Super Tuesday event at the Westin Copley Place March 6, 2012 in Boston. By Michael O'Brien, msnbc.com Updated 10:52 p.m. ET — A hard-fought battle between Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum in Ohio yielded no quick winner in the state, the prize contest on Super Tuesday that could reshape the battle for the Republican presidential nomination. Both Romney and Santorum notched victories across the country in the caucuses and primaries they had been expected to win. Newt Gingrich won the primary in Georgia, the state from which he had served as a representative in Congress, but trailed in the remainder of states playing host to nominating contests on Tuesday. But the trajectory of the Republican campaign hinged in large part on Ohio, where Romney and Santorum re-litigated their battle from just a week earlier in Michigan's primary, where the former eked out a victory. Santorum had looked to the state to validate his status as the chief conservative opponent to Romney. Advertise | AdChoices A margin of just a few thousand votes separated Santorum and Romney after most votes had been counted, although a number of major precincts had yet to report their results. NBC Newsdeclared the race in Ohio "too close to call." REPUBLICAN PRESIDENTIAL PRIMARIES Results as of Tuesday, March 06, 2012 projected winner JANUARY FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL MAY JUNE all dates 1,143 delegates needed MittRomney 236 Newt Gingrich 89 Rick Santorum 67 Ron Paul 12 Michele Bachmann 0 Jon Huntsman 0 Rick Perry 0 Advertise | AdChoices Advertise | AdChoices ALASKA Polls close in 32 minutes, 40 seconds 24 delegates full results March 7 GEORGIA 97% in 76 delegates full results March 6 Newt Gingrich 47% 414,153 MittRomney 26% 224,078 RickSantorum 20% 171,121 Ron Paul7% IDAHO 32% in 32 delegates full results March 6 Mitt Romney 75% 6,000 RonPaul 12% 990 RickSantorum 9% 728 Newt Gingrich3% MASSACHUSETTS 97% in 38 delegates full results March 6 Mitt Romney 72% 250,765 RickSantorum 12% 42,250 RonPaul 10% 33,339 Newt Gingrich5% No Preference1% NORTH DAKOTA 76% in 28 delegates full results March 6 Rick Santorum 40% 4,339 RonPaul 27% 2,928 MittRomney 24% 2,639 Newt Gingrich9% OHIO 90% in 63 delegates full results March 6 MittRomney 38% 420,042 RickSantorum 37% 414,643 NewtGingrich 15% 163,079 Ron Paul9% OKLAHOMA 98% in 40 delegates full results March 6 Rick Santorum 34% 89,410 MittRomney 28% 74,391 NewtGingrich 27% 72,531 Ron Paul10% TENNESSEE 86% in 55 delegates full results March 6 Rick Santorum 37% 184,673 MittRomney 28% 138,305 NewtGingrich 24% 117,502 Ron Paul9% Uncommitted1% VERMONT 78% in 17 delegates full results March 6 Mitt Romney 40% 17,407 RonPaul 25% 10,836 RickSantorum 23% 10,089 Newt Gingrich8% VIRGINIA 99% in 46 delegates full results March 6 Mitt Romney 59% 157,128 RonPaul 41% 107,119 WYOMING 65% in 26 delegates full results March 6 MittRomney 57% 278 RickSantorum 33% 161 Uncommitted 7% 34 Ron Paul3% Newt Gingrich0%  Nissan   Related articles Exit Polls: Women Hurt Santorum in Ohio (abcnews.go.com) Ohio, Tennessee too close to call as Super Tuesday ballot count continues (boston.com) Early Ohio returns: Romney, Santorum nearly tied (sfgate.com) Super Tuesday Results: Who Won What (newser.com) Super Tuesday: Mitt Romney itching to seal the deal with crucial Ohio win (guardian.co.uk) … [Read more...]

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