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Unemployment: Five tips to capitalize on the economic recovery


Meridian International Center in Washington, DC courtesy of donny-wise.com

USA Today has a most informative article about three reports that a US recovery is under way. The new weekly jobless claims, floating four week average, and December’s inflation being flat for the last month of 2011. The report states that an estimated 1.9 million jobs will be added for 2012. These numbers are still far from full employment with 8.7 million job losses in lieu of The Great Recession and a total of 14 million unemployed in the United States. The addition of 1.9 million jobs for 2012 will bring the total of job creation numbers to 4.5 million jobs. The net loss from The Great Recession will still be at a staggering 4.2 million net loss on jobs. The moves are in the right direction, but what can one do to become a viable applicant in today’s competitive environment. Five tips can assist an unemployed applicant become a viable candidate in today’s environment.

Alternative Employment – Utilize talents to obtain a position as a freelance worker or temporary/contract work to show a prospective employer the initiative during times of unforeseen circumstances.

Volunteer- Invest time and resources into volunteer opportunities that utilizes specific or unique talents to benefit your resume and your humanity.

Advocate of Self – The best advocate of your professional experience is yourself. A brag book is the best snapshot of overall career successes that moves consideration of credentials into the top quartile of consideration. Invest time and resources to companies to companies and organizations that have fair and equal hiring practices if an employment gap is part of recent employment history.

Improve- Improve resume, interviewing, and skill set if resources allow to become in person as on paper, “The top of your game”. Feedback, taking classes, and role playing are some of the activities to undertake to improve chances of obtaining employment.

Confidence- Society is saying no, but you must say yes, yes, yes. Numbers are the game in this job market. You must believe to succeed.

In this job market, each individual’s experience is unique and dependent on one’s resources and support system in place. However, the time is now to capture the opportunity to become part of the job market, and the time and investment may require more flamboyance and out of the box thinking by an applicant. The payoff of employment may be worth the extra time and investment.

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