09/11: United Day One to Divided Today

September 11, 2012



The act of cowards could not use intellect or strength to bring their political message in the open in a constructive manner. Those cowards flew planes into buildings,and political correctness for these empty souls that ran planes into buildings that has impacted our psyche. Political correctness loses its place amongst criminals like Hitler and the 09/11 Hijackers who could not possibly win a military battle but picked on helpless civilians in acts of terror only possible in the brutality because of modern technology. United was our nation in our cause and resolve until divisions on the invasion of Iraq because of their non-involvement in 09/11.

In the eleven years since, the country is divided. Another President has intervene in more countries of the Middle East and they were not the cause of the fall of our buildings and people on that fateful day, but the outcry was only over Iraq. That statement is not political because ideology is the main culprit for our divided nature. The unity of 2001 is dead and gone. The country stands on the crossroads of a political and economic abyss. During past crisis as the Civil War and The Great Depression, the country fought an ugly battle to pull through. The call to action of our nation in World War 2 saw what a United States can bring to bear in our power and moral righteousness.

In today’s world, our will power cannot deal with the tasks or struggles to force ourselves as individuals to expect better of our political and corporate leadership. We are all to blame, and we remember this sad day and the lives lost and a nation in shatters. We may have pulled off the military defeat in foreign lands. The terrorists are winning the war. Greed and self preservation of power is creating the coming defeat of the world’s sole superpower by allowing an economic collapse to continue forward in full motion. If something doesn’t change, the strongest power in the history of this world will be capitulated by fiscal not external military defeat.

As we remember, those lives should not be lost in vain. We should learn to be Americans again. Our differences have always been our history and strength. It should not be leading us to our greatest downfall.

May God comfort the families who must relive the horrors of 09/11 on this 11 year anniversary.

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